Vaccins Immunopathologie Immunomodulation (V2I)

Vaccins Immunopathologie Immunomodulation (V2I)

Axe principal : Infectiologie, Immunologie, Virologie, Transplantation

The V2I team is located at two sites, INRAE in Jouy-en-Josas and Foch Hospital in Suresnes. The team includes INRAE researchers, and Hospital-University researchers exerting their medical specialty in the Foch Hospital.

The research activities of the V2I team focus on investigating the immunopathological mechanisms of  respiratory diseases in animals and humans including in neonates, and on developing intervention strategies based on immunity. We share a common interest on the implication of mononuclear phagocytes (dendritic cells and macrophages) in respiratory diseases.

We are trying to unravel the physio-pathological mechanisms of the Respiratory Syncytial Virus infection in young calf and mice and we develop immunomodulatory strategies based on the manipulation of the primo-colonizing microbiota of the respiratory tract. We are establishing vaccine strategies in neonates against respiratory viral infections and we are identifying innate immune traits of the young age that determine the subsequent sensitivity to pathogens. We are investigating the innate responses involved in lung transplantation using the pig model and human lungs, and we develop immunomodulatory approaches through preconditioning lungs with the ex vivo perfusion technique and through targeting the innate response at the surgical step. Finally we aim at identifying biomarkers of sensitivity to respiratory diseases in calves and human patients in different respiratory disease contexts (asthma, fibrosis, alveolar proteinosis, transplantation outcomes).

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