Elena Tomasello

04/06/09 Elena Tomasello (CIML, Marseille)

Elena Tomasello (CIML, Marseille)

03 juin 2009

INRA Jouy-en-Josas

" NK et NK-like dans la muqueuse intestinale et la peau "

Elena Tomasello travaille sur les cellules Natural Killers (NK) dans l'équipe d'Eric Vivier au Centre d'Immunologie de Marseille-Luminy (CIML).

Natural Killer (NK) cells can recognize, without any prior sensitization, transformed, microbe-infected or allogeneic cells, while sparing most of autologous healthy cells. Once NK cells have identified a potential target cell, they can eliminate it by diverse mechanisms and/or they can secrete a variety of cytokines and chemokines. Therefore, NK cells play a unique role in innate immune responses, as well as in the polarization of adaptive immunity.

Elena Tomasello and her team are focusing their work on two aspects of NK cell physiology: their functions and their anatomical distribution. They believe that a better knowledge of these aspects of NK cell biology is essential for both basic and clinical research. In particular, it should help to design novel therapeutic strategies aimed at activating specific NK cell functions, at the proper place and in due time, to fight cancer or infectious diseases.

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